Nick Gianetti

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I'm a Boston-based designer, photographer, beach bum, top chef, rock star, superhero, all-state, avant-garde, and geography bee winner. After earning a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Wentworth, I switched things up and found a career true to my lifestyle through photography and design. I like kick-ass music, cut-off jean shorts and being barefoot in the sun.  I walk on the bright side of the street so-to-speak, and I play hard for whatever team I'm on. So, if you'd like to pick me up for a creative endeavor, shoot me an email at

​Fun Facts:

  • My grandfather lead the NFL in punting in Week 1 of the 1956 football season.

  • In Week 2 he shanked a six-yarder out of bounds and was promptly dethroned.

  • Aerosmith performed at my High School in 1972, tickets were $3. Several weeks later, Dream On hit the radio waves and tickets were no longer $3, or available anywhere.

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Nick Gianetti

graphic design | photography

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Boston, MA
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I'm Nick Gianetti, a local graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and aspiring art director based in Boston, MA.  After earning a master's degree in Architecture at Wentworth, I spent a year freelancing and traveling, learning photography along the way.  Through two years of wayfinding, I landed a job at Zipcar as a graphic designer and in-house photographer