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I'm a Boston-based designer, photographer, beach bum, mustard enthusiast, jorts icon and playlist expert—but I wasn't always these things. My jorts used to be jeans. And I wasn't always so enthusiastic about mustard.


Back in those days, I used art class to boost my GPA.  I had to make up for math, where my grade was lower than absolute zero. Despite this, I earned a master's degree in Architecture in an attempt to fuse together my best and worst skills.

That's where I discovered graphic design and photography—mediums I had a natural instinct for—that also involved fewer numbers. I freelanced while building out my portfolio and eventually landed a contract gig with Zipcar.


Even though that gig turned into a full-time position, I still enjoy the occasional side-hustle. So check out the form below if you're interested in working together.

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