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2020: Back through the lens

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Here are some of my favorite shots taken this year. Lots of solitude. Lots of time to wander aimlessly and point my camera at things. I began to notice the seemingly mundane. I stopped trying to capture everything in one shot, and began to think of the story.

The year began with a beautiful trip to LA

a man heads into the water to catch some waves
Sunrise Surfer

The Cape in the offseason. February.

A view down a windy road along Coast Guard beach on Cape Cod
Coast Guarder

In March, quarantine begins.

A swan surrounded by magical golden light
Magic in the Night

May. We're going to be stuck in this for a while.

a dandelion in the grass
Delicate Vibes
the bike tires match the mural art
Floral Bike
Apartments buildings on a hill
City Apartments
The famous Boston Wharf Co. sign
Office Space Available

Summer arrives and being outdoors provides a slight relief to what is quickly becoming the worst year of our collective lives.

sun sets over Boston on the Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice
neon lights and signage in the city
Night Lights
windsurfers out past the jetty

Summer Ends.

sun glows over the city as summer wanes
Indian Summer

Nights begin to cool off.

The milky way lights up the sea grass
a lone kayaker in the Charles River
Low and Lonesome
Pemigewasset overlook in the white mountains
Pemigewasset Overlook
Classic barn among the autumn leaves
New England Barn

In October, I took a few shots for a local restaurant. The light was coming in perfectly.

a mojito from the Pearl and Lime restaurant

By November, we had finally gotten some hopeful news.

a girl holds a You're Fired sign after Trump gets voted out of office
You're Fired

Once again, to the Cape in the offseason.

The moon hangs low over the ocean as a nice swell comes in off the Cape
Room of the Faded Moon

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