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Neighborhood Stroll

Updated: Mar 3

Took a stroll after work on a Friday night. It was lively out after a relatively nice day in late February. But the air was cooling down. It felt like winter for sure. Snapped a few pics of the neighborhood I live in. I focused on a cool lamp post, and some shots of the big full moon. As well as a few movement oriented shots from a highway overpass and next to the T station.

The sunset was nice. Sort of cloudy but there was a faint pink hue along the edges. The is the only picture I took that I didn't add a film fade to. I don't know why I've been so into that lately.

I've been into bad DIY/indie punk bands for a long time. This kind of post-emo shit thats had a resurgence over the past decade or so. It's more mature than the old blink-182 stuff from middle school, even though it sounds worse. I like the lo-fi quality. There's something about this type of music that goes well with vintage style photography. And also the depressing mood of this pandemic. "Ever is a long time (ever is no time at all)" by Marietta.

The rush.

I've had some shots of the T like this in my brain for a long time, but never quite caught it at the right moment or angle. The straight on symmetry really works for something like this. Shot freehand. Feel free to be impressed by the alignment. I sure am :P

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