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waking up at 4am for no reason

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

I tossed and turned in the 3 o'clock hour. Finally at about 3:47 I decided that if I wanted to catch the sunrise, I'd have to get up and go now. The spot I had in mind was about an hour away and the sun was due to come up on the East coast at about 5:05am. With it being only two weeks away from the summer solstice, that's as early as it gets. Something was bothering me and I needed to go for a drive anyways. It's oddly soothing hitting the road knowing that no one's even awake yet, flying under the cover of darkness. I'm allowed to have my thoughts where no one can interrupt them, not even traffic. I discovered a song called Analog Fade by Hot Mulligan and that became the soundtrack to my excursion. It sounded right in the moment, and the words sort of mirrored my restless mind. I pulled the camera from the depths of my bag (carefully) while I was driving, and took a shot as I approached my destination. A last sliver of moon hung suspended in fading twilight, hovering over the slow arrival of the morning glow.

Moon hangs over a stretch of dark highway

I arrived just in time to see the sun come up over the Atlantic. There were a few fisherman still prepping their vessel from the pier, though most had already left the harbor. Their faint green and red beacons flickered in the distance as they drove through the humid ocean air, into the oncoming sun.

dockworker preps his boat on the pier in Rockport
Faint lights of departing fishing vessels at sunrise
the sun comes up over the dark Atlantic Sea
a couple bikes through town in search of coffee

A couple of bike riders accompanied me in these wee hours, looking for coffee. Nothing was open yet, I told them. Another duo of jubilant jettywalkers passed me by as I positioned myself for one more shot from the edge of the neck. The deep orange glow refracted through the air and illuminated everything around, including me. For some reason, I hoped that being one of the first ones greeted by the sun on this eastern ledge would represent the beginning of a new era. The pandemic was wrapping up, and there was a glow on the horizon. But I still felt like I needed an extra stroke of luck from some otherworldly higher power.

the warm glow of the rising sun
Motif #1, Rockport, MA
Ripples of sand in the glowing sun
picking up seashells
Rockport, MA from the beach

The town began to awaken in the 6 o'clock hour. I was no longer alone and it was time to face the day. I packed up my camera bag, and hopped in my ride in search of an iced coffee.

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